National survey(国家概况)

England is the modern times Industrial Revolution place of origin, the official name "the united kingdom", the full title "Great Britain and the Northern Ireland united kingdom (the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)", the national area altogether 244,000 square kilometers, the inhabitant multi- letters Christianity protestantism, the Northern Ireland area partial inhabitants believe Catholicism, some Englishes also believe in the Islamism, Buddhism, Hinduism, the race, the Judaism and so on.

Geographical position(地理位置)

The entire boundary by approaches northeast the Europe continent the seacoast British archipelago majority of islands to be composed, separates North Sea, Straits of Dover and the English Channel faces one another with the Europe continent, is an island country. Coastline total length 11,000 kilometers. The east side British island is in the archipelago the biggest islands, also is the English most main national territory. It by the north Scotland, south and the middle England and the north-west Welsh three areas is composed.

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England is the oceanity temperate climate, the general winter warm summer is cool.


Discovered according to the archaeology that, on the British island has the humanity in 3500 ago to live. 5 centuries intermediate stages, large quantities of Date graceful person invade Great Britain by Northern Europe, becomes the nowadays England people the ancestor. But a then Kerr special person part ran away west and north the mountainous area, another part ran away toward Ireland, they are today Wales person, the Scotland person and the Irish person's ancestor. A.D. 6 centuries Christianity starts to spread to Great Britain. In 15 centuries the leaf, the English aristocrats for capture the throne to hit for 30 years "the rose" the civil war. Finally, the economical more developed south earth advocates peace the new aristocrat to win. "All Ze dynasty" from this establishment. In the First World War time, the yingde has become the belligerent country. As a result of the English people's counter- German mood, English king George five th issued an order in 1919, will have the German color "the Hannover dynasty" to change name as "Warm sand dynasty". In 18th century leaf, because politics, the economy and the technical aspect gradually are mature, England has started a industrial revolution. Along with the steam engine invention, each kind of machine use, to 19th century in leaf's Victoria time, England has become in the world the most advanced industrialized country, leaps to the world first place in the production and the trade yeast, everywhere carries out the gunboat policy, captures the marine hegemony, invades the colony, massively plunders other country wealth. Great Britain dominates the world, spreads Europe, Asia, America, Africa, Australia in the overseas control region, is known as "the date not to fall the empire". To 19th century last stages, because country's and so on America, Germany rises and all that all sorts of reasons, England gradually loses the superiority. Afterwards received the serious wound in Second World War, Great Britain national strength declines day after day. Originally is the native place the Irish island, its south 26 county were separated from the united kingdom in 1921, the overseas colony also in abundance announce the independence after World War II. Great Britain gradually evolves a organization loose British Commonwealth of Nations.










据考古发现是,在英国岛屿有3500年前的人类生活。 5世纪中期,优美的日期大量侵入人的大北欧英国,成为现今英格兰人的祖先。但当时克尔特别的人跑了部分西部和北部山区,另一部分爱尔兰跑向了,他们是今天的威尔士人,苏格兰和爱尔兰人的人的祖先。公元6世纪基督教开始蔓延到英国。在15世纪叶,英国贵族为捕捉王位打了30年“玫瑰”内战。最后,经济较发达的南方大地主张和平的新贵族取胜。 “所有泽王朝”从此确立。在第一次世界大战期间,英德已成为好战的国家。作为的英国人民的反德情绪的结果,英国国王乔治五日发出的命令在1919年,将有德国色彩的“汉诺威王朝”改变为“温暖的沙子王朝”的名字。在18世纪的一页,因为政治,经济和技术方面逐步成熟,英国已开始了工业革命。随着蒸汽机的发明,各种机械用一种,在叶的维多利亚时间19世纪,英国已成为世界上最先进的工业化国家,跃居世界生产和贸易的酵母首位,到处进行炮舰政策,抓住了海上霸权,侵占殖民地,大量掠夺其他国家财富。英国主宰世界,在海外传播控制地区的欧洲,亚洲,美洲,非洲,澳洲,为“日不落帝国”之称。到了19世纪的最后阶段,由于国家和等美国,德国上升和所有种种原因,英国逐渐失去优势。后来收到了在第二次世界大战后伤口严重的一天,英国国力下降的一天。原来是本土的爱尔兰岛,其南部的26个县进行分离,从英国在1921年,海外殖民地也纷纷宣布第二次世界大战后独立。英国一个组织松散的逐渐演变英联邦。